A nifty new franchise model!

Our latest franchise model – The Daily Coffee Fix!

This model is exactly what the name says … a proper coffee fix!

Everybody on the run requires a proper kick start or an energy boost for and during the day. And what better boost could there be than good coffee conveniently available right there while on the move!

  • An easy-to-run franchise business model with the flexibility of taking coffee and refreshments to where the customers are.
  • Visually appealing, mobile, fully-equipped standalone coffee cart.
  • Ideal for customers-on-the-go who require a quick coffee fix!
  • Can be moved around and positioned at preferred locations – passage areas in shopping malls, office parks, corporate office blocks, sports events and many more.

Menu offering: Coffee, iced coffee and fruit-flavoured frosties. Also treats on the move, such as muffins, croissants, gourmet sandwiches and the like.

Affordable indeed!
  • Turnkey set-up: R195 000 (including VAT)
  • R10 000 initial working capital
  • Monthly management service fee: R1 500 (including VAT)
Your own coffee pit stop – within your reach!

In essence The Daily Coffee Fix is a much-needed coffee pit stop along life’s busy highways and byways. It exudes the same warmth, ambiance and quality as its permanently located counterparts – The Daily Coffee Café and The Daily Coffee Express. In this case clients are just closer to the action and things happen faster!

Picture the scene – you in charge, stirring up the vibe as coffee aficionados in the front row eagerly observe while you skilfully prepare their coffee. Observe the atmosphere and expectation further to the back where other like-minded coffee enthusiasts rub shoulders, all eager for you to serve them their daily fix!

Is this your dream? We can make it come true!

Contact us for more information
  • E-mail: info@thedailycoffeecafe.co.za
  • Tel: 082 781 0899