The Daily Coffee Café Elardus Park has opened in the Elardus Park Shopping Centre! With it comes a rewarding new dimension to the time-honoured suburb of Elardus Park – good coffee!

This trendy coffee café offers a modern flair with a feel good, traditional touch to it. Key to this is the inspiration that it draws from café life prevalent from Cape Town to New York, imaginatively encapsulated in its modern and striking, yet subtle New-York-meets-Karoo décor theme. In this patrons will find hints of the trendy Big Apple, combined with customary down-to-earth Karoo appeal.

The Daily Coffee Café Elardus Park offers a professional, yet intimate ambience and a coffee experience where traditionalists, modernists, purists, the finicky and the easy going feel equally at home. It is not your average coffee shop – it is informal and casual, yet with a corporate elegance and flair.

Step inside for an unhurried break. The Daily Coffee Café Elardus Park has what it takes to make you come back for more.

… and that includes, especially, good coffee!